About Us

Mar’Gret K Boutique is a brand that empowers you to be sexy, confident & enhances your natural and inner beauty. Every woman deserves to look and feel their absolute best when getting dressed for the day.

Most women would love to have their own personal stylist on hand at any given moment, whether it be online or in our store. Mar’Gret K Boutique offers clothing to fit women size 0-3x.
At Mar’ Gret K Boutique, we realize that our customers have many options when selecting an online boutique. We are committed to being your online clothing boutique of choice.

Shop at Mar’Gret K Boutique where Trendsetters meet! Let us style you, and give us the chance to make you over!!!!


– Tiffini She’ree



Tiffini Sher’ee has an eye for trendy and exculsive looks. “Consultations are always the Key to Image Experting.”  Tiffini Sher’ee has helped many women find confidence in make-overs that leave a lasting life-style impression. Touching hearts and enhancement has been the real drive and passion for Tiffini Sher’ee.
“The Ability to Enhance a Person’s Image, Self- Esteem, and Confidence is Priceless to me” says, Tiffini Sher’ee.

Tiffini Sher’ee has been a cosmetologist for over 17 years and specialzes in changing various styles as the trends evolve. Whether it be Hair or Clothing Tiffini Sher’ee is dedicated to giving her clients and imprint to last forever.


Pricing $85/ hour (minimum of 2 hours preferably)

•Wardrobe changes
•Body contouring
•Seasonal fashion
•Artful eye of futuristic fashion
•Transition/ Reinvention of self
•Confidence builder
•Lifestyle Changer
• Fashion Layouts
• Visual Breakdowns

In the 28 years of my life I have been a reinvention of myself each chapter of my life. Fashion has been a big part of my life, and and escape route from the world in itself, I zone out and make visual painting and canvas the vision of the body !!! The Art is within , modern diversity with a touch of vintage seems to spark a story in a outfit , and I Caylon Allen of ARTificial Intelligence am the Author